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How teachers and students can learn to learn online, as 1.4B students can't go to class today.

Few things felt important enough to cover in this week’s newsletter other than the global pandemic we are experiencing and its consequences over the global economy. We decided to focus on online learning after hearing from countless students and teachers about the challenges they are going through in the massive move towards online learning.

To address this, we launched learningonlinelearning.org to connect novel and experienced online teachers through resources and mentorship. Check it out and please share with any teachers you may know!

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What’s going on here?

As all our readers will be aware, the unprecedented spread and scale of COVID-19 is having a profound effect on virtually all aspects of our lives. Education is one of the areas that’s been hit hardest by the virus.

The New York Times estimated there were roughly 300M students out of class three weeks ago (what feels like at least three corona-years ago), but UNESCO estimates today that 1.4B students, or 80% of the student population are now out of school.

The virus doesn’t care about race, class or gender, but unfortunately, our economic structures do, putting some students at greater risk during these uncertain times: women, low-income students (300 million children in 117 countries receive meals at school, and - over 22M of those students in the US depend on a free or reduced-price lunch as the main source of their daily nutrition) or students without a stable internet connection at home among others.

Many teachers have taken initiatives to share their experiences, connect with other instructors and highlight free resources available to them. Even some governments, like Italy, have provided a hub for all the free resources they are making available for teachers.

We thought we’d try an amplify the reach of these projects by curating resources from teachers and offer to connect them to one another!

Learning Online Learning

We started by asking teachers and students accustomed to online learning what their experiences were in transitioning to online learning. You can access some of those testimonials here, and these were some of the main insights:

  1. Recording real-time session and self-paced work open up a lot of opportunities, such as referencing recorded moments during the class/homework, being able to focus on the class discussions and content rather than taking notes, etc.

  2. There’s an opportunity to introduce new media into the classroom and integrate it with the classes or homework (e.g. games!).

  3. There’s a lower barrier to distractions from students, both in real-time and async online learning, so it’s important to implement systems to evaluate where students are at and new ways to motivate them to engage.

  4. There are fewer contextual cues for teachers/professors in an online learning environment than in a classroom, meaning instructors have to be very clear about the goals and outcomes of class activities, as well as communicating with students.

  5. As everyone is figuring out this new medium, teachers can be open about the technological and instruction challenges with students, who are digital natives and may have great ideas to increase engagement!

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Below are some of the resources we’ve curated based on these insights and interviews:




For more resources and mentorship from experienced professors, visit learningonlinelearning!

Next week we’ll focus on the macro-level transformation we are seeing in this transition towards online learning, and how it may shape the world of learning.

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