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The Transcend Newsletter explores the future of learning and the future of work, and the founders building it around the world.

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The world of work and education are undergoing massive change – and they are more connected and global than ever before! Expect some thoroughly researched analysis on emerging trends coming your way every other week.

Our Open Theses have our most updated thinking around what these key trends are and future predictions – dig in if you want to see the bigger picture!

Who are we?

Hey! This is Alberto.

I write this newsletter and I’m the co-founder of Transcend Network, the first global network of founders building the future of learning and work. We’ve supported over 150 founders from over 35 countries, and a lot of the stuff you’ll read here comes from the amazing individuals we get to work with.

Before that, I was at Minerva Schools and a few other cool projects in economic development, education, and investing.

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I'd love to hear from you! Tell me what you are excited to learn about, what you are working on, or anything that comes to mind. You can reach me at alberto@transcend-network.com

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We explore the future of education and work, and the founders building it around the world


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